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Yemtar has been involved in many projects since it was established in Bandırma in 1980. Everything from project design to production, from manufacturing to assembly was realized with the difference created by Yemtar. It is a well-known company in the sector, having proven itself first at home and then abroad with its dynamic structure, unending energy, following the latest technological developments and accumulation of knowledge. It is a growing brand with its exports to the Middle East, Balkans, Asian countries and North Africa. Therefore, hundreds of machines and equipment, from feed plants to fish plants, from pelleting units to coolant and feeders, are produced by Yemtar in Turkey and around the world. Today, Yemtar continues to make a difference with its technologies that fully meet expectations, increase business capacity, and reduce costs.


Projecting facilities of corporations and companies engaged in feed industry, animal husbandry, agriculture, food, chemical, energy and mining sector from A to Z with 40 years of knowledge and experience and equipping and assembling with a strong technology infrastructure and international standards and to providing uninterrupted after-sales service.


To further improve the feed industry and livestock sector by developing and producing sustainable technologies and projects;



• Invests its gains in the most advanced technologies,

• Produces at international quality standards,

• Offers a safe and healthy business environment,

• Environmentally sensitive,

• Employs qualified and experienced workforce,

• Informs customers about sectoral developments,

• Offers innovations beyond expectations with R & D works,

• Expands the world market share with new penetrations,

• Develops and supports social responsibility projects especially in the areas of education and environment


Yemtar is engaged in design, production, installation and services for agriculture, feed, livestock, food, chemical, energy and mining corporations and companies for machinery process equipment and turnkey projecting with its customer-oriented operations.Yemtar adopts the principle that the most important resource is human and the investment made in human and education is also the most accurate investment. The goal in training is to create value for the company, customers and employees themselves. We aim to adapt all kinds of innovations and information required by our age to our company.Yemtar undertakes to provide quality products and services with its expert and experienced staff, strong infrastructure, continuous development and improvement understanding and to ensure continuity of these services in accordance with legal conditions and customer requests.Maintaining competitiveness depends as much on improving the quality of service as on continuity. In this context, Yemtar operates a continuous improvement cycle with customer feedback, preventive activities, internal audits and recommendation development practices.Yemtar develops and implements proposal systems in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the subjects covered by the sectoral areas of its activities.

Our product categories are as follows;

  • All kinds of conveyors
  • Cleaning and elimination lines
  • Grinding lines
  • Dosing and micro dosing lines
  • Mixing lines
  • Pelletizing lines
  • Packing and bulk loading lines
  • Rendering Units
  • Flake facilities
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Control / Automation Systems

We will happily serve your company in accordance with your requirements.

We are making difference with our solutions that fully meet your expectations,

increase your business capacity and reduce your costs.